Company offers modernization of S-75M3 “Volga” medium-range surface to air missile systems (SAM system) to the level of S-75M3L “Volga-A” for solving engineering problems of renewal the life time up to 15 years, and also improving performance and operating characteristics of the SAM system elements:

  • Missile guidance radars (MGR) RSN-75M3;
  • SM-90M launchers;
  • SPTA set;
  • Power supply facilities.


  1. Enabling to detect and destroy air targets, including the small targets, produced by “stealth” technology.
  2. Increase of jamming immunity against active and passive jamming and clutter reflections thanks to application of new hardware technologies, jamming protection methods and signal processing methods.
  3. Automation of control processes from the superior command post, radar reconnaissance data gathering and processing, target detection and tracking, missile preparation and launching, control of technical condition of system means, documentation of combat performance and staff training.
  4. Increase of destruction zone and the probability of target destruction in simple and adverse jamming conditions due to optimization of radar signal processing methods and algorithms and increase of target detection and tracking range.
  5. Reduction of response time and firing cycle.
  6. Provision of capabilities of firing up to three targets at the same time, one missile for one target.
  7. Renewal of the anti-aircraft missile system operation life up to 15 years.
  8. Growth of operational reliability of modernized equipment, increase of mean-time-to-failure up to 1500 hours thanks to the replacement of 90% of the analog equipment with the digital one, produced on the element base.
  9. GPS navigation system application for topographic control and orientation of the anti-aircraft missile system devices.
  10. Using modern data transmission methods by introduction of multifunctional command operational communication equipment COCE-M to the system.
  11. Introduction of telecode communication facilities for data reception-transmission between the elements of the system, the superior control post and other external sources of information.
  12. Providing the possibility of joint work (mating) with a wide park of target detecting equipment and control systems, equipped with specialized interface facilities.
  13. Providing prompt evaluation of the results of combat operations thanks to data registration and processing facilities.
  14. Providing the possibility of combat crew training by creating the air situation of any complexity and the simulation of friendly means operation.
  15. Reducing the number of the component parts of the system.
  16. Standardized and modular configuration of the SAM equipment.
  17. Reducing the volume of maintenance of the component parts.
  18. Reducing energy consumption of the system.
  19. Improvement of ergonomics.

Modernized medium-range surface to air missile system (SAM) S-75M3L is designed for low, medium and high coverage of administrative, industrial and military objects against the strikes of all aerial attack means.
SAM S-75M3L provides the destruction of strategic, tactical and army aircrafts, high-speed reconnaissance aircrafts, drifting balloons, helicopters and cruise missiles with the effective radar cross section of 0,1m and more.

SAM S-75M3L consists of:

– RSN-75B3A missile guidance station composed of PV-A reception-transmission cabin and UV-A control;
– SM-RB-75V-1-A missile group (up to 6 launchers SM-90MA);
– Self-contained power supply facilities SAES-А;
– P-18ML reconnaissance and target designation radars and PRV-160ML radio heightfinder;
– Anti-aircraft guided missiles (AAGM) of 20D and 5Ya23 types;
– Missile transportation facilities.

SAM S-75M3L “Volga-A” can operate both in autonomous mode and in centralized control mode as a part of the anti-aircraft missile system. In this case target designation for SAM S-75M3L is carried out from the automated mobile command post.

Circular scanning radars can come with the SAM S-75M3L for providing autonomous operation of the system. Radar data can be received both from analog radars P-15, P-19, P-18 or similar radars (equipped with extraction units A1000-M) and from digital radars of P-18MB (P-180, P-150, Р190) type.

Power supply of the system is carried out using the mobile power supply system SAES-A. All the SAM elements operate from three phase mains ~220 V 50 Hz.