Ground controlled approach system and approach hardware are accommodated in the closed shelters, which are transported on the car trailer chassis.

Shelters contain air conditioning and heating systems.
RSP could be transported by automobile, naval transports and by plane (S-130 type).

Ground controlled approach system may simultaneously operate in the following modes:

  1. PAR (precision approach radar mode)
  2. PSR (premium surveillance radar mode)
  3. SSR (second surveillance radar mode)

Frequency range of ground controlled approach system of the SSR and PSR channels are corresponding to ICAO requirements.

Ground controlled approach system consists of:

  • One PAR’s operator WP and one PSR/SSR WP
  • Two control panels of VHF radio station
  • Two panel of operative-command communication (not less than 5 phone lines for each)
  • Voice and radar data recording system.

Ground controlled approach system permits manual input, change and choice of the data regarding displayed flight routes, dangerous zones, national borders, and various data next to the target mark on the background of current flight situation.

There is a possibility at the WP to change the scale of the data display and zoom selected areas of the screen.

All electronic hardware is performed from solid-state components (transistor, without vacuum lamps) except PAR

1.1.     Functions

The modernized RSP-10ML Ground Controlled Approach System is intended for supporting air traffic control of aircraft and helicopters within the aerodrome area, sequential control over the aircraft in the approach zone and direct approach control before the decision altitude in the normal and adverse weather conditions. The system provides as follows:

  • Automatic detection of aircraft based on the primary and secondary channel data, position (coordinates) finding;
  • Extraction and displaying of an aircraft information received from the secondary data channel;
  • Flight information binding with radar plots;
  • Combination of   the   primary   and   secondary   channel   coordinate information
  • Automatic generation and processing up to 100 aircraft trajectories;
  • Interfacing with / receiving and displaying of Automatic Radio Direction Finder’s Data;
  • Monitoring / diagnostics of radar modules’ operational conditions with data displaying on AWP;


2.1 Performance characteristics

The  modernized  RSP-10ML Ground  Controlled  Approach  System consists as follows:

  • The Aerodrome radar (SR), including Primary detection channel (PSR), based on passive detection principle and Secondary detection channel (SSR), based on active detection principle. Both detection channels are operated through the one common antenna.

The SR basic specifications are provided in the Table 1.1.


The main operational characteristics of Precision Approach Radar are provided in the Table 1.2.


2.2 Operational Characteristics.

The RSP-10ML provides automatic control over functional modules and devices’ technical condition, as well as local control of operation modes.

The system is powered from the 2 independent power sources:

  • From the 380 V(±10 %) 50Hz (±5 %) three – phase industrial AC mains;
  • Independent diesel – electric generators.

The aggregate power consumption does not exceed 15 kW.

The power supply control system provides automatic switching to the standby power supply should cutoff of the mains or one of diesel generators malfunction occur.

The uninterruptible power supply unit provides radar operation within not less than 20 minutes after mains cutoff, enabling system transition to standby power supply.

The start up time of deployed RSP-10ML from industrial power source does not exceed 3 minutes.

The RSP-10ML is designed for continuous operation and maintains its serviceability at the following conditions:

  • Outside temperature: from – 10°C to +55°C;
  • Relative humidity: not more than 95%.

Average non – failure operating time: not less than 1000 hours.

Average operability recovery time: no more than 40 min provided that system is supplied with SPTE.

Specified lifetime: 15 years (or 80 000 hrs).

This product provides the SR transmitters and independent units redundancy on the separate modules level.