A mobile self-propelled surveillance radar AMBER-1800 has dual military/civilian purposes and is designed for air surveillance at long range (up to 360 /500 km). Radar monitors air situation and fulfills the requirements of Military radar intelligence to conduct surveillance over large areas and locations such as military bases, airfields, oil production areas, arms depots, warehouses, industrial facilities, etc.
VHF-band transmitter is solid-state and relies on semiconductor devices only. Multi-section telescopic antenna is used on a mast with rapid lift. System is fully mobile and meets tough climatic requirements. System for antenna deployment/stowing down is fully automatic. AMBER-1800 is equipped with two power generators for independent operation and antenna levelling system.

Radar consist of two vehicles (variant):
• Semitrailer with antenna system;
• Hardware truck.

Parameters of the antenna system:
• Gapless operating range of 140 MHz – 180 MHz;
• Output impedance – 50 ohms;
• Antenna speed: 3/6 rpm;
• Elevation of the antenna phase center – 6 meters.
Two-storey waveguide provides:
• Beamwidth of 6 degrees;
• Side-lobe level – minus 20 dB.

AMBER-1800 radar sustains windspeed of 35 m/s and up to 10 mm icing.

Time of deployment (stowing down) and leveling of the antenna mast assembly after vehicle positioning on prepared site does not exceed 12 minutes.

Radar remote control capability is implemented. Workstation for remote control can be installed in stationary premises.