A1000H height – finder radar extractor


A1000H Height-finder Radar Extractor is designed to provide:

  • reception of target designations from external Radar tracking processor;
  • automatic positioning of the height-finder to the designated azimuth;
  • receiving and processing of radar signals from analogue height-finder;
  • automatic targets detection and measuring of distance and height (range-epsilon) in noise conditions;
  • transmitting of information about detected targets to the consumers in digital form.

Technical parameters of the Extractor allow its integration with virtually any analogue height-finder.

Primary data processing:

  • stabilized probability of false alarm in different jamming conditions;
  • target splitting probability: less than 0,001;
  • range detection accuracy (mean square error): 0.3 pulse duration (pd);
  • epsilon detection accuracy (mean square error): 0.2 beam width (BW);
  • detection resolution: 1.4 pd, 1.4 BW.

Information output:

  • channel: serial synchronous or asynchronous;
  • interface: RS-232C;
  • protocol: HDLC;
  • speed: adjustable, up to 19 Kbit/s;
  • composition: coordinates of detected air targets.


  • one hundred percent “hot” duplication of equipment, with automatic switchover (optional);
  • automatic self- testing and diagnostics;
  • built-in uninterruptable power supply system;
  • mean-time-between-failures 10000 hours.


  • 15″ color indicator provides displaying of air situation, control, diagnostic and testing data (built-in or remote);
  • real-time displaying of altimeter data and diagnostic information.

User interface:

  • displaying of epsilon-distance marks with possibility of switching on/off;
  • “raw” and “cleaned” video displaying with possibility of on/off switching;
  • displaying of detected plots;
  • scaling capability, range 10 to 400 km with 1 km discrete;
  • zooming mode;
  • processing parameters control and adjustment through dedicated windows;
  • input signals quality control through dedicated windows;
  • control and management of data transmission channels.