Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System S-125-AK (Pechora-AK)
Upgraded SAM System S-125-AK efficiently destroys low-flying and low-sized targets in conditions of heavy jamming and interference.


  • Automatic receiving, processing and displaying of air situation distributed by radar sensors supporting SAM system S-125-AK and higher level Command Post (up to 150 aircraft targets).
  • Rejection of jamming and pulse interference by using optic channels, two working frequencies of radar channel, wide dynamic range of Receiver, efficient algorithms of interference protection.
  • Rejection of non-synchronous interference through special signal filtration.
  • Tracking and position finding of selected target in following modes: automatic, manual and hybrid tracking via radar and optic channels.
  • Automatic computation and displaying of missile engagement envelope, determination and updating of hit-point for current firing conditions.
  • Automatic computation of missile launching moment.
  • Launching and automatic guidance of two 5V27D missiles. Either missile can be guided by Three Point, Half Lead or Optimal Dynamic Control method.
  • Measuring missile guidance errors, displaying guidance errors at moment of hit.
  • Generation and distribution of air situation and combat monitoring data to higher level Command Post.
  • Pre-combat and online monitoring of SAM equipment, displaying status of communication lines, radar sensors, engagement radar and missile launchers.
  • Recording of air situation, status and availability of missiles, results of combat activity, actions of the operators, voice communications, data transmission quality.
  • Automated GPS-based position determination of Antenna Post (UNV-AK) and Missile Launcher (5P73-AK).
  • Synchronization of SAM operation through GPS-based local master clock system.
  • Computer-aided preparation of reporting documents.
  • Communications between officers of UNK-AK.


  • Antenna post (UNV- AK );
  • Control cabin (UNK- AK );
  • Launcher (5P73- AK ) 3- 4 sets;
  • Electrical Power Supply System (SAES- AK );
  • Control cable (KU- AK);
  • Power cable (KS- AK).
  • Transporter-loader vehicle (PR-14AM) – 8 sets;
  • Radar P-18AK (P-19AK);