Surface-To-Air Missile (SAM)
System 2K12M1-AK  (Kvadrat-AK)


Upgraded 2K12M1-AK Surface-To-Air (SAM) System (Kvadrat-AK) features improved performance and extended functional capabilities due to new algorithms of data processing and displaying, digital signal processing with software based MTI and automatic data readout and processing.


  • Equipment is designed to continuously operate for 48 hours with one hour rest time;
  • All components, panels, units and modules are designed as replaceable units and can be easily replaced with spare ones.
  • System provides automatic operational monitoring and functional check. Checks are performed each time Engagement Radar Vehicle starts or at any time as requested by operator.
  • System is equipped with the simulator enabling training of combat crews in realistic conditions including simulation of ECM applied by the enemy.
  • System is capable of operation in the following ambient conditions:

temperature: from – 200 C to +500 C;

humidity: 98% at +250 C;

wind speed: up to 25 m/s.

  • System is equipped with GPS.
  • Upgraded system can be operated and maintained by crew who previously maintained SAM 2K12M1(2,3) “Kvadrat-M1(2,3)” with additional training.
  • All major units and systems can easily be accessed for maintenance and repair.

Upgraded system provides:

  • extended service life by 15 years by way of replacement of old components with new ones;
  • improved combat efficiency, operation against all types of air targets in various jamming environment;
  • increased reliability, MTBF of 1500 hours;
  • reduced power consumption;
  • reduced combat crew;
  • reduced operational works.