PRV-16AK mobile height-finder is intended for measurement of aircraft altitude based on target designations received from 2D radars or command posts.

Mobile Height-Finder (HF) PRV-16AK provides:

  • finding altitude, elevation and azimuth of air targets, as well as bearing and elevation of active jammer;
  • finding altitude of air targets from target reports issued by range-finder or control systems;
  • automatic plot detection, measuring elevation coordinates and range of plots;
  • distribution of processed radar data in digital form;
  • displaying input, output and diagnostics data.

The following parameters were improved in result of modernization:

– detection accuracy;
– reliability,
– reparability, maintenance is simplified due the utilization of up-to-date components;
–  ergonomics;
– operator load factor;
– man hours required by servicing personnel to perform maintenance and preparation.


Main components of  PRV-16AK height finder:

  • receiving system;
  • transmission system;
  • antenna-waveguide device;
  • drives;
  • hydraulic system of leveling;
  • data processing, displaying and output unit;
  • control, protection and diagnostic system;
  • power supply system;
  • temperature control system;
  • communication hardware.

PRV-16AK cabin has four compartments:

Operator compartment, where WP-TSM, power switchboard, ALT (automatic load transfer unit) and COCH is located;

Hardware compartment, where transmission-receiving equipment, A500 control rack and waveguide transmission line components are located;

Rotary support compartment, where 380/220 V step down transformer, antenna rotary support with rotation drive, waveguide transmission line and leveling system components are located;

Diesel compartment, where two diesel generators and diesel compartment power switchboard is located.